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Here you can get helpful information or submit a support ticket to (Support@higser.com) to resolve your issues. Our Support team will process your request.

About Higser

Higser.com is an online freelance services platform that connects Employers with professional and creative Freelancers ready to offer there skills to deliver top notch results with 100% satisfaction. Freelancers creates services and get hired while Employers can post project requests and receive proposals from eligible freelancers with skills tailored according to project requirements. Hiring freelance services can be done on Hourly rates or Fixed budgets.

Creating a Higser account is totally free and easy with the steps below;

  • Visit Higser.com, click the “SIGN UP” button
  • Fill out a short sign up form and ensure to provide correct information
  • Confirm your email address by verifying the code sent to your mail box on the registration page
  • You’re all done!

We use Paypal.com to process payments on Higser.com

You’re only charged service or project price when purchasing on Higser. We charge extra fee for payment processing which will be calculated on checkout page.


To send a private message:

  1. On your dashboard or profile menu, select “Messages”.
  2. Select the message thread on the left panel of your Inbox.
  3. Type your message and hit Reply.

No, messages cannot be unsent or removed from the recipient’s inbox. Note that they will even receive an email notification of the message if their account is set up to receive email notifications for new messages.

To open a chat, click the black Chat icon at the  right corner of the user profile.

Click on the icon and look for the message you wish to reply to and select it. A conversation window will then pop out.

To post a  project, click on the “Post Job” button on the Employer menu from the dashboard. Fill all necessary details and required information. You’re set to receive proposals from freelancers!

Go to the project page, select the project you wish to edit, click the “edit” button and update any information, category or skills to suit your  need.

When you find a project you’re eligible for and  you’d like to bid on, click its title from the list of your searched projects to go to its main page. On the project’s details page, read the description carefully. Just below the project details, you can place your bid. (1) Enter your bid amount, (2) enter the number of days for delivery, (3) describe your proposal, (4) list milestones or tasks and set a Milestone Payment for each task and click Place Bid.

You need to complete your profile before you can send a proposal. You also need to have at least one of the required skills of the project to be able to bid. If you have not updated your profile or skills yet, the Complete Your Profile form will appear on the project page and assist you in the update.

No. Submitting proposals is totally free, you can submit unlimited proposals to different projects (one proposal per project)

Yes, you may edit your proposal on any active project. To edit a proposal, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Higser.com account.
  2. Click My Proposals and click
  3. Select the Project.
  4. Click the Action drop-down menu for the project and select Edit proposal.

Alternatively, you can go to the project’s Proposals page, locate your propos, and click Edit on your proposal.

You need to have the required skills to be eligible for the project

You may deliver a project by any method agreed upon by you and the employer (as long as it is done within the site). You can upload and submit work files through the Files tab of your project’s/service’s page or your chat/messages.


Withdrawals are processed weekly. As long as withdrawal request is lodged first week of the month and next request after 2 weeks of initial withdrawal. If not so then withdrawal might be delayed within 5 business days.

To withdraw money that you earned from the site, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Higser.com account
  2. Scroll to the “Available funds” section on your dashboard
  3. Choose your preferred withdrawal method (some are not available in some countries).
  4. Fill out the details of the withdrawal which will be specific to the chosen method.
  5. Click Withdraw Funds.

You will receive an email notification for your submitted withdrawal request.

We’ll send your earnings to the PayPal address provided on your Higser.com account. Other payment gateways will be available in future updates.

Please contact Support for assistance and provide the following details:

  • Username
  • Date of withdrawal
  • Incorrect PayPal account given
  • Correct PayPal account email address

To contact Support, kindly use the below form and specify which department to process your request. You can also send a direct mail to Support@higser.com


Hire a freelance service for your project in 3 easy steps

  • Click “Hire now” button to browse freelance services, you can use the search box for easy navigation to what services you’re looking for.
  • Select the freelance service perfect for your project, check freelancer profile, reviews, online status and service package & pricing
  • Click “Order now” button to hire freelancer,make payment for the job and you’re done!

You can send a private message (PM) to discuss any detail with potential freelancers. To send a private message, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Higser.com account.
  • Click on the freelancers profile
  • OR Click the title of your project to go to its main page.
  • From the Freelancers profile or Proposals tab, click the Chat icon floating on the profile or proposal page of the freelancer you want to contact.

A chat window will open once you click the Chat icon. If the freelancer is online, they will be able to view the chat window and reply to you. If they are offline, your message will be saved in their Inbox, and they can access it once they log in to their account.

Browse through all proposals sent for your project, once you’ve found the perfect and winning bid then go ahead to place order from the project dashboard.

After freelancer is done and work is submitted, Employer is required to rate and send feedback to review the job done before it is marked as completed. Use star rating for job satisfaction level and drop a feedback in the “Review box” (this will be displayed on the service page and star rating on freelancer profile)

After freelancer is done and work is submitted, Employer is required to rate and send feedback to review the job done before it is marked as completed. Use star rating for job satisfaction level and drop a feedback in the “Review box” (this will be displayed on the service page and star rating on freelancer profile)


To open dispute for a service or project. Login to your dashboard, open profile menu, click on “Dispute” button, select the ongoing project or service, provide reason for dispute and submit.

Please note that Higser.com recommends making every attempt to resolve any issues before submitting a Dispute.

When an order exceeds the delivery time, we recommend employer to discuss with freelancer and give more time to complete the project based on there agreement. If freelancer fails to respond then employer can contact the support team and order will be cancelled after 2 Days grace period.

Once freelancer have completed and delivered an order, we recommend to await the delivery time. If Employer fails to respond then Freelancer can contact support and Order will automatically be marked as “Completed” after 2 Days extra delivery period.

To cancel a project or service, go to the order page, open the drop down menu, select “cancel” and submit.

If you find it necessary to cancel a job or open dispute, keep your comments at a professional level and refrain from derogatory statements.


Higser connects employers with reliable freelancers to do business in a convenient, safe and easy to use environment. With tons of categories, skills and freelancers you can browse through services, proposals or use the milestone option for long term projects. Its very simple with a transparent payment system.

Higser is a global job marketplace open to freelancers with different skills and expertise. You can offer solutions to employers project and earn money after work is done. No need for expensive self advertisement as you create portfolios, list services and send project proposals for free!

All you need is to create your free account, setup your profile, create free services, send proposals to available jobs in your category. Get hired by employers and make cool money!

Higser.com is totally free for freelancers, we do not charge any fee for creating an account. No charges for becoming a freelancer on Higser

Higser.com is totally free for Employers, we do not charge any fee for creating an account. No charges for becoming an Employer on Higser

Employer Following is a feature that lets you know when your favorite clients post projects  by following them on Higser.com. You’ll receive an email when they post a project so you can  submit proposals immediately.

To start following a client, go to their profile page and click Follow.

Once you follow a client, their name will be listed on your profile page. The Following label will appear next to their name.

If you wish to stop following a client, click on  the Following label beside their name and the Unfollow button will appear; you can then click on it. Alternatively, go to the client’s profile page, click the label, and select Unfollow.

To send freelancer offer, go to your preferred freelancer profile page and click “SEND OFFER” button.

Describe your project information and fill in every details for the job. The freelancer will be notified once your offer is successfully sent.

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