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Get started working on Higser. com as a freelancer

Get started working on Higser. com as a freelancer

How to start working on Higser.com as a Freelancer

Higser.com is a global job marketplace open to freelancers with different skills and expertise. You can offer solutions to employers project and earn money after work is done. No need for expensive self advertisement as you create portfolios, list services and send project proposals for free!

All you need is to create your free account, setup your profile, create free services, send proposals to available jobs in your category. Offer professional freelance services, get hired by employers and get paid!

Is Higser free for Freelancers?

Higser.com is totally free for freelancers, we do not charge any fee for creating an account. No charges for becoming a freelancer on Higser.

Setting up your freelancer profile

Getting started offering freelance service on Higser.com you will need to setup your freelancer profile.

Fill all profile information, upload your profile image, complete your profile health setup and present yourself professionally to stand out.

Creating your services

Create your services to showcase your talent and skills and provide solutions to Employers projects.

Pricing your service

We recommend you price your services moderately depending on your niche and the project requirements. Don’t overprice (charging too high) or underprice (charging below cost) your services and maintain a professional approach when preparing your quotes.

Submitting a project proposal

Proposals enable you to submit custom quotes to client projects tailored according to your pricing and skills.

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