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How to start hiring on higser.com as an employer

How to start hiring on higser.com as an employer

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How does Higser work for Employers?

Higser.com connects employers with reliable freelancers to do business in a convenient, safe and easy to use environment. With tons of categories, skills and freelancers you can browse through services, proposals or use the milestone option for long term projects. Its very simple with a transparent payment system.

4 simple steps to get started finding the perfect freelance service on Higser.com

Create a free Higser Employer account

Get started by creating a free Employer account, here you can manage your projects,orders and invoices in one place.

Browse freelance services

Start hiring once you click on the “Hire now” button, enter the service you’re looking for in the quick search box.

Go for the right service best fit for your need

Select the freelance service perfect for your project, check freelancer profile, reviews, online status,service description and pricing.
Ensure you’re in line with all the details provided on the service page or you can contact freelance to discuss more and have a better understanding.

Make payment to finalize your order

Click “Order now” button to hire freelancer,make payment for the job and you’re done!

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