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To cancel a project or service, go to the order page, open the drop down menu, select “cancel” and submit. If you find it necessary to cancel a job or open dispute, keep your comments at a professional level and refrain from derogatory statements.

Once freelancer have completed and delivered an order, we recommend to await the delivery time. If Employer fails to respond then Freelancer can contact support and Order will automatically be marked as “Completed” after 2 Days extra delivery period.

When an order exceeds the delivery time, we recommend employer to discuss with freelancer and give more time to complete the project based on there agreement. If freelancer fails to respond then employer can contact the support team and order will be cancelled after 2 Days grace period.

To open dispute for a service or project. Login to your dashboard, open profile menu, click on “Dispute” button, select the ongoing project or service, provide reason for dispute and submit. Please note that Higser.com recommends making every attempt to resolve any issues before submitting a Dispute.

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